Enphase Energy and North State Solar Energy Bring American-Made Solar to California’s Agricultural Heartland


Enphase Energy announces a strategic partnership with North State Energy to install Enphase’s new American Pride Microinverters within key counties throughout Northern and Central California. Together, the companies will provide American-made products for residential and commercial installations.


Enphase Energy (NASDAQ:ENPH) today announced a strategic agreement with North State Solar Energy, a Northern California company that specializes in solar-electric installations for residential, commercial, and agricultural projects. The agreement names North State Solar Energy an Enphase exclusive 2014 American Pride Partner to install Enphase’s new American Pride Microinverters in commercial and residential solar installations within key counties throughout Northern and Central California.

“We are proud to support North State Solar Energy in their distinct approach to solar in agricultural counties in California, where they place the utmost value on American businesses,” said Paul Nahi, CEO of Enphase Energy. “As an American solar success story ourselves, Enphase commends North State for its commitment to local economies and community job preservation.”

North State Solar Energy has been involved with the design and installation of over 200 solar projects with a focus on using quality American-made or American-assembled solar products. This is desirable in all market sectors, and we’ve seen evidence of its importance in residential solar. According to SolarWorld, a growing number of consumers are choosing American-made solar panels for their homes, with 82% of responders to a recent solar survey saying they support domestic panels.

This seems to be true for commercial projects as well. North State Solar Energy recently completed a 535 kW commercial installation in Artois, California that used the largest number of Enphase fourth-generation M250 microinverters in a single site. A 90 2kW commercial array at Strain Ranch Rice Plant in Arbuckle, California, also using the Enphase System and SolarWorld solar modules, highlighted the natural synergy between domestic agricultural and domestic solar production. Future North State Solar Energy projects will include Enphase American Pride Microinverters.

“At North State Solar Energy, we set an example for the solar industry by proving every day that there is strong market demand for American-made solar,” said Mike Houar, president of North State Solar Energy. “Our regional customers seek quality in the solar products they invest in. Enphase quality is why we sell and install microinverters on all our grid-connected projects.”

Enphase Energy, headquartered in Northern California, conducts all of its product design, testing verification, and production process development in-house and currently employs over 350 people in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company closely partners with contract manufacturer Flextronics to produce the microinverter system technology for global markets. In keeping with the goals of the American Pride Partner agreement, Enphase Microinverters to be used by North State Solar Energy will be assembled in Milpitas, California, by Flextronics.