JPMorgan Chase Goes All In on Renewable Energy


The 100% renewable energy movement has had some big names get on board to date, including tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook, global beverage maker Anheuser Busch, and retail behemoth WalMart.

But those who control the money always have a disproportionate amount of both social and political power, so the announcement that the world’s third-largest bank has made a pledge to go 100% renewable may be the biggest news to date for the movement.

This morning JPMorgan Chase announced that it will source renewable power for 100% of its global needs by 2020, both through on-site installations of solar and procuring power from utility-scale projects.

This includes installing solar on up to 1,400 retail building that it owns, as well as its 40 commercial buildings. The company notes that its Polaris Corporate Center in Columbus, Ohio could alone host up to 20 MW of capacity, and that another building in Texas could host 7 MW.

This article can be read in its entirety at PV Magazine.