John Smirnow and Shayle Kann discussed the implications of Suniva's solar trade dispute at this year's Solar Summit. Smirnow breaks down how Section 201 petitions work and what may happen in this case.


Shayle Kann, Head of GTM Research, starts off this year's Solar Summit with a look at the state of the solar industry. He also looks ahead at where the industry may be headed.


Challenges mount in the solar industry, making it look like we’re taking a steep dive in the solar coaster. But these are complex times, and the industry is still maturing and finding its footing.


Barry Cinnamon did a helpful interview with Tom Kimbis, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of SEIA, on what SEIA's doing to help regulate the industry.


Casey Anderson looks at the effect New York's NY-Sun initiative has had on the solar industry in the state. He found 800% growth statewide since 2011 with several regions growing more than 1,000%.


Residential solar installations in November decreased 8% from November of 2015. The slowdown is due to a number of factors, including high solar penetration in certain areas and the election.


Sunvago looks at the state of the New York solar market through six charts. Everything from price per watt to fastest growing cities is looked at.


Sunvago looks at the state of the California solar market through six charts. Everything from price per watt to inverter marketshare is looked at.


Residential solar acquisition costs have been increasing, partially driven by high levels of penetration. But costs are expected to decrease in the long-term.


According to the Solar Market Insight report, the U.S. solar industry installed over 4000 MW of solar power in Q3 2016. That's 1 MW of new solar power installed every 32 minutes, and more than all the solar that had been installed in the U.S. up until 2010.