NV Energy Proposes Net Metering in New Application

The new rates credit new rooftop solar customers at 95% of the retail electricity rate.


It’s come full circle: NV Energy has finally filed its application with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) to comply with the new net metering rates after a protracted battle between utility and solar interests over how to compensate rooftop solar users for excess energy exported to the grid.

The battle led to the PUCN drastically cutting the net metering rates at the end of 2015, and making an unprecedented decision to not grandfather existing rooftop solar users into the original rates. The backlash from that decision hit the national stage, as two top solar developers, Sunrun and SolarCity (now a Tesla solar unit) pulled their operations from the state. Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) condemned the decision and chose not to re-appoint two of the key regulatory architects behind it. In addition, Chairman Paul Thomsen resigned earlier this year.

Much of 2016 was spent reversing the decision, leading to the passage of Assembly Bill 405, which restored net metering rates close to the retail rates and protected the customer’s right to generate their own energy. Tesla and Sunrun resumed operations in the state after Gov. Sandoval signed the bill into law.

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