climate change


Time to Choose is an important film that highlights solutions and shows the path forward in response to the pressing issue of climate change.


This post was originally published at the Impress Labs Solar Marketing Think Tank The first rule of talking to Americans about climate change: Don’t talk about...


Final installment of the series explores how greenhouse gases and human factors have caused global warming and how it can be mitigated.


This installment examines man-made causes such as deforestation, ozone depletion, and aerosols and their influence, if any, on climate change.


Examination of natural causes often cited as the reasons for the earth's rising temperature finds they have a negligible impact on warming the planet.


Over the last 100 years, the temperature of the earth has risen 1.4 degrees. New information from NASA highlights how individual factors influence this temperature increase.


Over the next few decades, the economic consequences of climate change will be severe. The solution is simple: stop adding sequestered carbon to the carbon cycle. Solar is part of that equation.


In a rash of ALEC-dumping, companies from Google to Occidental Petroleum cut their ties with the lobbying organization because of its position on climate change. Is this a good sign for solar?


The biggest climate action ever draws over 400,000 marchers in New York City, with thousands of others joining around the world. Could this signal a turning point on climate change?


The new Mars Chocolate manufacturing facility in Topeka, Kansas earns LEED Gold certification. Mars uses solar at several of its facilities and is stepping up its clean power use.