energy efficiency


Cleantech startup MyDomino expands its energy concierge service to New York State. Concierges can help consumers around the country save with solar and more.


Over the next few decades, the economic consequences of climate change will be severe. The solution is simple: stop adding sequestered carbon to the carbon cycle. Solar is part of that equation.


The White House announces a series of public and private sector commitments, plus some executive actions, to advance solar deployment and promote energy efficiency.


A new study from the California Center for Sustainable Energy shows the connection between energy efficiency upgrades and solar power, and reveals the motivations of solar adopters.


Brightergy announces new financing solution for energy efficiency projects. A good combination with solar, this provides a no-upfront-cost solution to customers to encourage...


Solar company Sunlight Contractors announces it’s offering state-of-the-art spray foam insulation services to increase home energy efficiency to optimum levels. Before beginning any...


Residential solar installation franchiser Solar Universe teams up with California security company GHS Interactive Security for a first of its kind partnership. The...


Ohio-based Diebold, Inc. develops a solar-powered ATM. The machine, which runs on 70 watts of energy or less, is being used in rural...


Petra Systems introduces the Smart City Solution, integrating smart technology with solar power and energy efficiency. Their pilot program allows municipalities to test...


SolarCity partners with yet another homebuilder to offer solar as a feature on new homes. Solar will be offered as standard in one...