Women4Solar Founder Raina Russo Corners Consumers for Smart Solar and Utilities behind Amendment 1


October 30, 2016

Delray Beach, FL: In a last ditch effort for the truth, Women4Solar Founder & CEO Raina Russo has penned an open letter to the backers behind Amendment 1 — Consumers for Smart Solar and the top four utilities in Florida; FP&L, Duke Energy, Tampa Electric & Gulf Power. The letter was sent out to each of the companies’ CEO’s and Consumers for Smart Solar. “Election day is around the corner and Women4Solar wants to clear up the confusion so we can all make an informed decision when heading to the polls,” Russo shares. After reading newspaper article, after newspaper article, the staff at Women4Solar decided a new approach needed to be tried. “We felt a direct conversation with the backers of the Amendment would bring clarity and help give us some insight into the future of solar here in Florida. So, the idea of an open letter came about.”

Women4Solar is hoping that an open letter will force backers to come clean about their intentions. “The point of our letter is to get answers. When an amendment is put on a ballot for the public to vote on there should be no confusion. The fact that the utilities have spent over $20 million to clarify the Amendment they initiated is a major red flag,” Russo explains. “Amendment 1 has been marketed as pro-solar, so why are 24 Florida newspapers, and over 185 organizations, including every solar organization across the country, opposed to it? If the utilities’ claims are true and their intentions are truly to help solar grow in Florida, then why are they paying marketing firms and professionals to decisive the public? If we are all on the same team, as they claim, then they should have no problem responding to our letter.”

Women4Solar hopes this letter will bring a new a perspective to the Amendment 1 controversy and make sure that voters know the facts before Election Day. The open letter is just one of the many steps Women4Solar has taken to help combat Amendment 1 falsehoods and correctly inform the public. Earlier this month, W4S hosted a special edition Twitter Solar Chat to dispel Amendment 1 rumors. Panelists included, Mary Anne Hitt of The Sierra Club, Maggie Clark of Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA), and Alissa Schafer Solar Communications and Policy Manager at SACE.


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