3 Months to Save Net Metering! Will You Help?


As California awaits a decision on what Net Metering 2.0 (or NEM 2.0) will look like, we’ve been covering recent developments. What happens with California solar will likely impact the market nationally.

So it’s no surprise that solar advocates have been watching closely. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is due to decide on the fate of net metering by this December. Key decisions may be made even sooner.

That means we have 3 months to save net metering in California — and to keep solar strong in both the state and the country.


AB 327, passed in 2013, called for the CPUC to reevaluate and redefine net metering. This upcoming decision on the fate of net metering has become known as NEM 2.0. According to the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA), the decision will have a “make or break” impact on California’s solar industry.

Utility threats

CALSEIA is warning that utility proposals could turn back the clock on solar. The changes that the major utilities in California are asking for could shorten the payback period for solar from 5-7 years to 17-26 years, which would clearly stop solar in its tracks. That would happen at a time when solar is really taking off.

3 big reasons for hope

  • While AB 327 did call for changes to net metering, it also specified that the changes must keep the solar market growing.
  • As CALSEIA points out, Governor Brown wants to keep solar strong. His legacy is at stake, and the state has set mandates to increase its use of renewable energy.
  • CALSEIA has been hard at work, filing in the net metering case and lobbying the state legislature.

How can you help?

CALSEIA is urging all of us to help keep solar strong. The goal is to raise the profile of the threat to solar, both at the local level and in the court of public opinion.

Here’s what you can do to help show that there’s broad support for net metering — and for rooftop solar:

Rally for solar

You have a few upcoming rallies to choose from. Last week’s rally at SDG&E was well attended. Let’s keep that momentum going!

  • Wednesday, Oct. 14: PG&E. Noon – 1 PM outside PG&E Headquarters, 77 Beale Street, San Francisco. RSVP
  • Thursday, Oct. 22: Sacramento CPUC Meeting. 9:30am followed by a press event (TBA) at Secretary of State’s Office, 1500 11th Street, Sacramento, 95814. RSVP
  • Wednesday, Oct. 21: SCE. Noon – 1 PM outside the CPUC LA Offices at 320 W 4th St #500, Los Angeles, CA 90013. RSVP

Sign a petition

CALSEIA and its partners have set the goal of collecting 100,000 petition signatures in support of net metering. You can help reach this goal by doing one of the following, and letting CALSEIA know that you’re taking action:

  1. Sign the petition yourself, and then forward to your family and friends. Every signature counts.
  2. Ask your staff or co-workers to sign the petition.
  3. Ask your customers to sign the petition.

Write VIP/coalition letters

CALSEIA is asking for “everybody who knows anybody to call everyone they know.”

That means you, if you have any relationships with local elected officials or other local organizations (think chambers of commerce, churches, community groups). If so, here’s what you can do:

  • Call these people and urge them to use their influence.
  • If they have a personal relationship with a CPUC Commissioner, they should call them directly.
  • If they don’t have a personal relationship with a CPUC Commissioner, they can send a letter to the CPUC, or pass a resolution in support of strong net metering.
  • Click here for samples letters and resolutions.
  • If you can take any of these actions, let CALSEIA know.

The idea here is to get influential people throughout California to join the call to protect net metering.

The time is now

With this decision coming up so soon, there’s no time to waste. As CALSEIA says, we need all hands on deck! Will you help save solar?