ABC Carpet and — Solar?


As the solar industry matures, solar companies are turning more and more to partnerships to help them source panels, provide financing — and, of course, acquire customers.

Residential solar provider Sungevity today announced one of these, a new partnership with iconic New York City design destination ABC Carpet & Home.

Solar company reps are becoming a common sight at more ubiquitous stores like Lowes and The Home Depot. Those efforts are presumably aimed at reaching the average consumer, who may or may not be thinking about the environment. This new partnership represents a foray into a more niche sector — but one that’s high in potential customers with a real interest in solar.

According to Sungevity, the partnership demonstrates how solar has become a lifestyle choice for consumers committed to doing their part to help curb climate change. Having developed successful partnerships with nonprofits and retailers, Sungevity says this partnership provides another dimension to its partner strategy, allowing the company to reach socially conscious, design-oriented consumers. And it gives ABC’s clientele a way to proactively be a part of an environmental revolution.

It’s fitting, then, that Sungevity solar experts will be available at the Manhattan location of ABC Carpet & Home during NY Climate Week, September 22 – 28. Solar consultants will be available to answer questions on renewable energy consumption and carbon emissions, and to help interested homeowners request a customized rendering and quote for solar installation on their home.

“When we launched the rooftop revolution in 2007, our goal was to make solar affordable and accessible,” said Andrew Birch, chief executive officer, Sungevity. “We are doing that, and as a result, solar is becoming the obvious choice. Now, through our partnership with the mission-based business, ABC Carpet & Home, we can deliver solar to consumers who see choosing solar as a complement to their social awareness.”

“ABC is proud to stand with Sungevity and be a conduit through which this positive energy can flow, providing an actionable response to climate change, empowering our consumers to become the solution and bring it home,” said Paulette Cole, chief executive officer and creative director, ABC Carpet & Home. “Committed to fostering a green economy for a healthy planet and people, ABC will donate $150 to the Barefoot College through the ABC Home & Planet Foundation for every solar conversion. Solar for solar, light for light, we celebrate this mutual alignment in mission with Sungevity and invite our community to be a part of the change and vote with their dollars.”

It’s a prime time to find new customers in a state that’s been stepping up its solar game with programs like the NY-Sun initiative, which aims to double  customer-sited solar installations annually.

Sungevity and ABC Carpet & Home hope that in educating consumers about renewable energy and sustainable living, they will drive awareness and visibility for eco-conscious goods and services. Both companies believe in using the power of business to address social and environmental issues — while giving the community a chance to be part of the change.