Advanced Roofing Supplying Large Privately Owned Solar Array to Florida


American global aerospace, defense and security company Lockheed Martin is embarking on a new project with Advanced Roofing, adding solar to the Mission Systems and Training facility in Clearwater, FL. When the project is complete, it is expected to produce 3.3 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

Advanced Roofing sister company Advanced Green Technologies, or AGT Solar, will be installing the 2.25 MW solar project, which will be in the form of carport arrays, with 7,260 solar modules providing shade for 534 cars. The facility’s operations will be in full swing throughout the construction schedule, so AGT’s extensive experience will be needed to expedite the work and minimize disruption at the site. Lockheed Martin estimates the project will cut electricity purchases for the facility by up to 60 percent.

The Lockheed Martin project will be the largest private, non-utility owned solar array in Florida. Offsetting energy costs with solar carports is a growing trend for corporate, healthcare, hotel and government facilities; GTM Research predicts a 76 percent increase in solar carports by 2016.

Construction of the project is fast-tracked to begin this month, employing more than 40 workers. Completion of the project is set for summer 2015.