Altus Power America Launches $100 Million Fund for Solar and Wind Energy Projects


Altus Power America Management announces the launch of a Clean Energy Land Program to finance up to $100 million in solar and wind energy projects in the U.S. The program is designed to more quickly and efficiently deploy financing to energy projects.


While new developments are paving the way for more solar financing, securing financing can still remain a roadblock to making projects happen.

Now more financing is on its way for solar projects.


Altus Power America Management, which invests in and manages solar power projects and assets, today announced the launch of a Clean Energy Land Program with Macquarie Group, a financial services company, to finance up to $100 million in solar and wind energy projects in the U.S.


In a statement today, Altus said the program is designed to bring to the market the most cost-competitive capital to acquire lands and rights under solar and wind assets, while allowing the developers and owners of these assets to monetize those values. Through this program, funds can be more quickly and efficiently deployed to relevant energy projects.


“We are excited to be working with Macquarie to offer the most cost competitive capital to all project developers and land owners that host such projects. Our new program provides an enhanced opportunity to monetize power assets,” said Justin Marron, Managing Partner & Head of Origination of Altus Power America. “This agreement will allow us to identify attractive solar and wind land opportunities throughout the country and efficiently deploy capital.”


“Altus and its principals have deep experience in clean energy, and a proven track record in developing wind and solar projects. This arrangement combines the provision of efficient asset-based financing with a strong track record in project sourcing and execution,” said Matthew Lancaster, Senior Managing Director and Head of North American Lending for Macquarie Corporate and Asset Finance.


The program will offer financial solutions to solar and wind developers to acquire lands under any projects in development and the opportunity to monetize any existing portfolios of similar assets immediately. The parties expect the first transaction to take place during the second quarter of 2014.