Another Bright Idea: Petra Systems Integrates Solar Power with LEDs to Reduce Energy Costs and Strengthen Networks


Petra Systems introduces the Smart City Solution, integrating smart technology with solar power and energy efficiency. Their pilot program allows municipalities to test the technology for free.  


Petra Systems, formerly Petra Solar, has introduced its latest product, the Petra Smart City Solution. This system, which can lower a municipality’s energy bills, is described as a “fully integrated smart pole system that connects streetlight energy generation, surveillance, data, and communication networks to a city’s public works department.”  

Changing their focus from strictly solar generation to energy management has enabled Petra Systems to provide smart city applications to municipalities, transportation authorities, and utilities.

Steve Rhoades, Chief Executive Officer of Petra Systems, believes that solar power can enhance a city’s savings over using LEDs alone. He states, “Electricity bills from streetlights are one of the largest expense[s] … for municipalities today, and cities recignize the benefits of LED … to reduce their overall energy consumption. We see an even greater opportunity to increase this value and strengthen smart city project economics through an integrated technology platform approach that combines the value of energy savings from LED … with the revenue generated by solar power production.”

The Petra SCS system includes: 

  • Smart light controller comprised of smart transceivers that control individual streetlight ballasts
  • A grid-connected solar power generator that leverages the industry’s most mature and proven microinverter technology
  • Wireless networking capabilities with multiple bandwidth options
  • Streetlight network gateways
  • Battery backup to manage operations during grid interruption

At this time, Petra Systems is offering the Municipal Pilot Program (MPP), which provides up to ten Petra SCS systems at no charge to qualified municipalities as a proof-of-concept network. Rhoades states, “Petra SCS … help[s] municipalities build intelligent, sustainable, resilient and economically sound smart city networks to enhance the services they provide for their communities.”  

This is another example of how well solar integrates with other alternative energy sources to improve quality of life and reduce cost. What a sunny picture that is.