Another Day, Another Large Solar Project for North Carolina


Innovative Solar Systems gets approval from Duke Energy for another 80 MW solar farm in North Carolina. The project is expected to generate enough electricity to power about 20,000 average-sized homes.


Remember Innovative Solar 46? At 80 MW, that was being called the largest solar project to be approved for North Carolina.

Well, the state is not stopping there, nor is Innovative Solar Systems (ISS), which is on a spree of developing large solar projects in North Carolina.

Now there’s Innovative Solar 37, another 80 MW project from ISS, planned for the middle of the state. It recently received final approvals from Duke Energy and is expected to generate enough electricity to power approximately 20,000 average North Carolina homes. The solar farm project will use approximately 300,000 solar panels and 80 DC to AC Inverters.

John E. Green, managing partner and CEO at ISS, says that over 500 MW of its projects have been approved by Duke Energy for 2014, and approximately another 500 MW are in various stages of approvals or late development with the utility.

For a number of reasons, ISS says, it can be harder to develop and get approval for large solar farm projects. However, many large institutional investors like these projects because of their lower installation costs and higher rate of return.

That’s also an argument utilities use when promoting these kinds of projects over distributed generation like residential solar.

ISS has also expanded into many other key solar states and emerging markets with its large solar farm projects.