APS Solar Partner Program Kicks Off


Arizona Public Service (APS) and Harmon Solar completed the first installation of APS’ new solar partner program last week. The program, first announced last summer, will provide solar panels free of cost to 1500 APS customers. Several local installers will be taking part in the initiative to bring more residential solar to the state. Many are members of the Arizona Solar Deployment Alliance (ASDA).

“The members of ASDA are thrilled to be working with APS for this program,” said Sean Seitz, President of ASDA. “This novel program means more business for Arizona rooftop solar companies, more jobs and more clean, low-cost energy. At the same time, this shows a real spirit of cooperation between the utility, Arizona residents and our rooftop solar businesses. That’s a big step forward for the future of rooftop solar in our state.”

The program is designed to generate up to 10 MW of solar.  Local solar companies will install the arrays while APS will operate and maintain the equipment. The utility will pay participants $360 per year for the 20 year duration of the program, for a total of $7,200 throughout the lifetime of the program.

While some have expressed concern over the utility’s foray into residential solar, others see it in a more favorable light.

“The Solar Partner program makes sense for ASDA’s member companies, for consumers and for the utility,” said Dan King, Chief Operating Officer for Harmon Solar. “Residents have the opportunity to use their roof to make money. Homegrown rooftop solar companies like Harmon get to advance sustainable energy and to keep our crews busy. And APS is able to generate low cost, clean electricity. It’s a win all around.”