Auric Solar Kicks Utah’s Rio Tinto Stadium into Solar

Utah’s largest solar array was unveiled earlier this week at Rio Tinto Stadium. The stadium is home to Major League Soccer’s Real Salt Lake as well as the United Soccer League (USL) Real Monarchs.

Auric Solar installed the 2,020 kW system. It will provide enough power to meet 73 percent of Real Salt Lake’s electricity needs.

“This project has positioned Real Salt Lake at the forefront of energy production and conservation in all of professional sports,” said Jess Phillips, principal of Auric Solar. “Auric Solar is helping the club harness the power of the sun to reduce its power consumption on a grand scale. It is impressive and ambitious to see the organization’s commitment to the community and environment.”

Nearly 95 percent of the 6,423 panel solar array has been installed on new solar-covered parking structures. An entirely new parking lot was included. The panels cover the equivalent of 3.10 acres. In sports terms, the aggregation of the panels would cover 2.3 American football fields or 1.3 FIFA regulation soccer fields.

“Auric Solar’s expertise and innovation have made them the perfect partners to convert Rio Tinto Stadium toward energy self-sufficiency in the venue’s seventh year, while also improving our fan experience with the addition of covered and lit parking,” said Andrew Carroll, chief business officer for Real Salt Lake. “The entire Auric team – led by founders Trent Vansice and Jess Phillips – consists of great people, providing all of the ingredients for an exceptional long-term partnership.”

Sports and solar seem to be coming together with more frequency. These partnerships not only allow the arenas and teams to see significant financial savings, they also increase solar awareness for the fans.


Photo Credit: Jeremy Plehler/RSL Soccer Game in Salt Lake City…