Baker Electric Solar Is on a Winning Streak


Baker Electric Solar announces several new awards it’s won recently. The company has been recognized for both effective radio advertising and an excellent safety record.

Residential solar provider Baker Electric Solar is having a good year. The company recently expanded and announced plans to increase its workforce by 50%. And it’s been on an award winning streak. Baker Electric Solar has been recognized by Angie’s List and its CFO by the San Diego Business Journal. 

As if that weren’t enough, in just the last few days the company has announced sevaral more awards.


Effective radio advertising


Today, Baker Electric Solar announced it’s won a 2014 EAR Award for Effective Advertising on Radio from the San Diego Radio Broadcasters Association, for its endorsement campaign featuring radio personality LaDona Harvey.


The purpose of the San Diego EAR Awards is to recognize and celebrate effective advertising on radio.


Baker Electric Solar’s radio campaign focused on driving its brand awareness in the radio news and talk category. Baker emphasized its 75-year history and award-winning status throughout the year-long radio flight. Harvey was effective at highlighting Baker as a local and trusted company with an excellent reputation.


The Baker Electric Solar EAR Award nomination documented how effective the radio campaign was. This is good news for local installers and shows they can in fact compete with the larger national companies. The radio campaign resulted in approximately 180 new solar inquiries, more than 100 solar consultations, 22 new solar customers, and a sales impact of more than $830,000.


“Utilizing La Dona’s familiarity with our company supported our reputation and helped build instant credibility with listeners,” said Baker Electric Solar Marketing Manager, Ashley Arant. “AM 600 KOGO listeners are a significant source of referrals for us — their impact is seen long after they decide to go solar. They continue to share their Baker solar installation experience with family and friends.”


“We all know that solar advertisers are numerous in the San Diego market,” states Cass Jacob, general sales manager for Clear Channel Communications. “But Baker wanted to distinguish itself by telling consumers it has been in the area for 75 years, and has won many industry awards along the way. If our listeners heard that Baker had been a trusted service provider for multiple generations, they could certainly be trusted for solar installations. Those were the key points of our year-long campaign.”


Excellent safety record


Last week, the company announced that based on its safety performance in 2013, Baker Electric Solar received the District 9 Safety Excellence Award and the District 9 Zero Injury Award in the 50,000 to 100,000 man-hour category.


NECA’s Safety Excellence and Zero Injury Awards program is a prestigious safety recognition program focused on recognizing companies that excel in their safety and health programs. Awards are given to member companies that consistently have OSHA recordable injury and fatality rates at levels lower than the industry standard. In addition, the winning companies implement internal company safety practices that go beyond required compliance.


With the best safety record in its category, Baker Electric Solar received the 2014 NECA Safety Excellence Award District 9. The honor was based on a comparison of its 2013 safety performance data to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, as well as compared to the safety records of other District 9 electrical contractors in the 50,000 to 100,000 man-hour category. A cumulative score was established based on points achieved for having the lowest injury and illness rates and the insurance industries Experience Modification Rate (EMR).


In addition, Baker Electric Solar received the 2014 NECA Zero Injury Award based on its exemplary safety performance and the fact that it worked the full calendar year of 2013 without any reportable incidents.


“It’s a distinct honor to receive these two respected NECA safety awards,” said President Mike Teresso. “At Baker Electric Solar we are extremely proud of our health and safety culture. The safety and well-being of our employees, customers and suppliers is paramount. These awards are a testament to our management and employees who make safety their number one priority.”


“On behalf of NECA, I would like to commend Baker Electric Solar for achieving the 2014 Zero Injury award. Your commitment to safety raises your company above the rest, and we congratulate you on this achievement,” said NECA CEO John M. Grau. “This award recognizes your dedication to achieving the industry’s highest safety standards and your commitment to providing the safest possible work environment.”