Baker Electric Solar One of San Diego’s Largest Renewable Energy Suppliers


San Diego is home to more than one award-winning solar company. Stellar solar recently won the UT readers poll. Baker Electric Solar, another San Diego-based solar company with work across southern California, has already won a number of awards as well. Now, the company has been ranked No. 2 on the San Diego Business Journal’s sustainability special edition alternative energy suppliers list. Baker Electric Solar was the second-largest supplier featured on this year’s list, based on its number of local employees (78) as of July 1, 2014.

In addition, the September 1, 2014 issue reported that Baker Electric Solar achieved the largest percentage increase of employees from 2013. The 144% increase supports Baker’s recent number 22 spot on Solar Power World Magazine’s Top 100 Residential Solar Contractor’s list. The company has installed a total of 26.549 MW, with 5.608 MW installed in 2013.

“It takes a large team of dedicated employees to achieve award-winning trade industry rank numbers. From the initial consultation through energizing, our company follows our ‘Go Solar the Baker Way’ formula,” said Baker Electric Solar President Mike Teresso. “We attribute our growth and success to combining unmatched service, custom solutions, premium products and in-house expertise to do things the right way, so our customers feel good about going with the best solar company in San Diego for decades to come.”

According to customer Rex Bright, Baker Electric Solar individualized a solar system for his family. During the consultation phase, the Baker consultant asked questions about how the family used electricity, and what they might use electricity for in the future. The team designed and engineered a custom solar system to meet the Bright’s needs: a 7.65 kW solar system consisting of 33 REC 255 watt solar panels, with one made-in-America SMA Sunny Boy 8000-US inverter. The roof installation covered a surface area of approximately 490 square feet.

Factoring in utility rate increases and locked-in low energy rate savings, the Bright family is projected to save more than $95,000 over 25 years. The system is also expected to offset CO2 emissions by 7.8 tons annually.