Be Heard: Shout Out for Solar Day 2015 Is January 16


On Friday, January 16, solar advocates across the world are encouraged to voice their enthusiasm for clean, renewable energy. The second national “Shout Out for Solar Day” is an opportunity for those interested in the advancement of solar to contribute posts, tweets, and perhaps even shouting from the rooftop to increase awareness for the industry.

Many people are increasingly becoming interested in the cause, which reduces the dependence on greenhouse-gas-causing fossil fuels, and provides a domestic and eco-friendly way to power our increasingly energy-consuming lifestyles. The solar industry is also fueling economic growth, adding 31,000 jobs in 2014 — a job growth rate 20 times the national average. Solar advocates are encouraged to spread the word and make their support for the solar industry known.

How to participate:

  1. Download and print a sign, and take a picture of yourself holding it.
  2. Upload your picture to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and use the hashtag #GoSolar.
  3. Finally, join the Thunderclap so your tweet or post goes out on January 16!

For more ways to participate, including sample tweets, see the Shout Out for Solar site.