Bland Solar & Air Picks APS as Its “Go to” Microinverter in California’s Central Valley


Bland Solar & Air and APS announce a partnership in California’s Central Valley, a hot spot for solar power. Bland Solar will introduce APS to customers in the area and primarily sell the APS product as their “go to” microinverter.

Solar has gotten big in California’s Central Valley, outpacing other U.S. metropolitan areas. And microinverters have gotten big in solar. Bringing the two together are California solar distributor Bland Solar & Air and microinverter maker APS, which have announced a new partnership.

Under the new agreement, Bland Solar will introduce APS microinverter products to customers in the Central Valley and primarily sell the APS product as their “go to” microinverter.


“We are choosing APS as our microinverter because they are second to none in their functionality, efficiency and durability,” said Ty Simpson, Director of Sales for Bland Solar & Air. “Their production specifications are becoming the benchmark of what a microinverter should be able to do and produce.”


Higher power handling and output allows APS microinverters to be paired with PV modules up to 310 watts, with a single unit handling two modules — another bonus for system designers and end customers, he said. He also praised the speed of both the APS technical support team and its product fulfillment.


Michael Ludgate, vice president for APS America, said, “For the past seven years, Bland Solar had been exclusively using the industry leading microinverter brand, and their switch to APS is a strong endorsement. Bland Solar has a proven reputation for excellent customer service and providing significant value to their customers. We’re pleased to partner with Bland in a community where solar power has been so widely and enthusiastically embraced by consumers.”


Fresno ranks No. 1 among U.S metropolitan areas in solar capacity installed per capita, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratories’ Open PV Project, and other cities in the area are leaders when it comes to home solar.