Branding the Solar Competition


SunPower partners with solar installers and home developers to provide the solar panels for their projects. With SunPower branding, dealers can provide their customers extra assurance that they’re getting high-quality solar installations.



While solar adoption is increasing rapidly, the future remains uncertain for solar manufacturers.

One of the major manufacturers, SunPower, is leveraging its name and bolstering its business through partnerships with solar installers and developers. This kind of partnership is not yet common in the industry, but it’s been proving effective for SunPower.

Recently, SunPower announced that they will be working with Meritage Homes to offer solar on homes in their developments. 

Sunpower is also offering partnerships and certifications to many installers. After a stringent application process, including training and certification, solar dealers can become SunPower installers. Three different levels are offered: Authorized, Premier, and Elite, each with different requirements and benefits.

What is the benefit of such a partnership? One obvious one is the cross-marketing. Another benefit for installers and customers is the monitoring and follow-up offered by SunPower

According to SunPower, the company “is the only solar panel manufacturer with an ISPQ-accredited technical training program, an international standard that ensures continuity, consistency and quality in the delivery of training.” SunPower provides the added benefit of inspecting their dealers’ work to ensure that high quality standards are upheld.

Installers get the additional benefit of receiving rewards for their service. We have recently seen that Ross Solar Group in Connecticut and Vista Solar in California have received these awards.

And the partnerships also serve to increase brand recognition and market share for SunPower.

With branded developments and consumer demand for solar on the rise, can we expect to see more solar manufacturers adopting this model? Only time will tell.