Cantsink and Hecate Energy Help Georgia Step Up Its Solar with 1MW PV Project


Cantsink Manufacturing and Hecate Energy complete a 1MW solar project in Woodland, Georgia. The project is part of the Georgia Power ASI program, a solar energy purchase program that will contract for 210MW of solar capacity by the end of 2014.


Georgia may not be in the top 10 solar states when it comes to installed capacity. But that may change soon. One step in that direction is the Georgia Power ASI program. The solar energy purchase program will contract for 210MW of solar capacity by the end of 2014. The program intends to spur economic growth for solar in Georgia while offering competitive pricing that won’t affect utility customers.


As part of this program, Cantsink Manufacturing, a piling manufacturing company, and Hecate Energy announced that they have completed a 1MW solar project in Woodland, Georgia. Hecate Energy developed the project from start to finish.


Cantsink President Patrick Hutchinson said, “Georgia has made a name for itself on the national scene in the solar industry. We are highly involved in the development of the industry in our state and would like to see its full success in 2014, the second year of the ASI program. We are looking forward to the opportunity and growth to come in our backyard.”


Cantsink and Hecate partnered on this project and used Cantsink’s driven pile option for their foundation solution. The Cantsink team installed 157 driven piers, collaborating with other companies, including Radiance Solar. The project used GameChange racking, ReneSola modules, and SolarMax inverters.


“We were very pleased with the work performed by Cantsink” said Preston Schultz, Development Manager with Hecate Energy. “The project was completed in just over 60 days from mobilization to interconnection, which allowed Hecate to meet our obligations with the utility. Cantsink’s work was both efficient and of a high quality; we are confident we have a solar project that will stand the test of time.”


The solar project is now providing power to the utility.