Clean Energy Collective Introduces Utilities Tools to Integrate Community Solar


Clean Energy Collective said the new platform will help position community solar power for explosive growth and compared it to SolarCity’s systemization of the rooftop solar industry. The CSP platform includes contractual components for program and facility management, customer engagement, tax incentives and laws, and on-bill crediting and system monitoring. The platform is aimed at helping utilities launch and monetize shared solar programs. “To achieve a successful roofless community solar program all criteria must be met, including utility controls, proven and reliable execution, low cost, low risk and high customer satisfaction,” said CEC founder and CEO Paul Spencer. “For many years utilities and developers have been asking us to share our internal RemoteMeter platform for end-to-end community solar program deployment; launching the CSP allows us to fulfill these requests. We are excited to get these tools in the hands of utilities to ensure community shared solar meets its full potential.”

The RemoteMeter provides most of the ongoing contact with customers once the system is in place and provides solar as a service (SaaS) support. That includes production monitoring and tracking, on-bill crediting, customer contracts, and program management. It also provides site hosting, e-commerce functions and a foundation for customer acquisition and management.

The company said the tools will help “tip the industry” by positioning community solar power for future growth. The newly launched platform is based on six years of development at Clean Energy Collective. The company said it’s already used the technology with 20 different utilities across 10 states and has used it with all sorts of utilities, including investor-owned utilities, co-op utilities and municipal utilities.