Clean Energy Collective Partners with RGS Energy to Bring Solar to More Homes and Businesses


Clean Energy Collective enters into an agreement with RGS Energy to act as an authorized reseller of its community solar solution. The CEC community solar model brings solar within reach of the 75% who can’t put it on their own roof.

Community solar developer Clean Energy Collective (CEC) has been growing by leaps and bounds. Its community solar model has the potential to bring solar to the 75%+ of us who can’t put it on our own roofs. Though that depends on favorable policies in each state, the company has been expanding operations from Colorado to a few other states, like Massachusetts.

Now, CEC is expanding by partnering with with RGS Energy (Nasdaq:RGSE), which will act as an authorized reseller of its community solar solution.

The agreement with CEC allows RGS Energy, a nationwide provider of turnkey solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, and utility customers, to expand its reach. RGS Energy will be able to provide solar solutions to customers who rent or lease their property or are otherwise unable to install onsite systems because of site orientation, shading, or restrictions imposed on historic properties.

RGS Energy will leverage its marketing and sales channels to target both residential and commercial customers to participate in CEC’s Western Massachusetts Community Solar Array in Hadley (WMECo) and Southeastern Massachusetts Community Solar Array in Rehoboth (NGRID/SEMA). The agreement will extend to CEC’s future Massachusetts community solar facilities as they progress through the approval and development process. RGS Energy is also the EPC contractor on two previously announced CEC community solar projects currently under construction.

“Our new partnership with CEC represents a significant opportunity for RGS Energy to expand beyond its traditional rooftop market and serve customers historically unable to take advantage of solar due to poor site conditions, or the fact that they lease or rent their properties,” said Kam Mofid, RGS Energy’s CEO.

CEC’s community-owned solar model extends solar beyond the reach of just 25% of homes and businesses. It lets 100% of utility ratepayers own locally produced clean energy — including businesses, governments, nonprofits, renters, those with shaded properties, and people of all income levels.

Community solar customers receive many of the same state and local rebates and incentives programs as home-sited systems. The shared utility-scale arrays are sited and maintained to operate at peak efficiency for many years and provide a maintenance-free energy solution. Ownership is generally transferable at the discretion of the homeowner or business.

“We are excited to continue building a strong partnership with RGS Energy; they’re pioneers in our industry and recognized as one of the leading construction and sales operations. This new strategic relationship with RGS Energy will help CEC to more quickly extend its customer reach and take advantage of the growing demand for community solar in Massachusetts,” CEC President Paul Spencer said in a statement.