A conference of a different color: CleanTech Future Conference in San Francisco, November 4-5


Wondering which cleantech conference to attend this year? The CleanTech Future Conference II, in San Francisco November 4-5, promises to be an exciting event — with a stellar speaker lineup you won’t want to miss.


Cleantech conferences can be engaging and inspiring — till you’ve attended a few of them. Then, the speakers start to look familiar and the messages to sound the same. That’s the assessment of Keith Raab, co-founder and CEO of CleanTech Connections and a cleantech industry pioneer, and Joseph Trackwell, co-founder and COO.

Raab and Trackwell wanted to invigorate cleantech conferences. They also saw a need for a different kind of industry event. As they saw it, the previous problem the industry faced, access to capital, had been largely overcome. What was needed now, they felt, was access to markets. So they set out to create a new kind of conference, one that would connect people working in cleantech with investors, corporations, government agencies, economic development agencies, and more. And they wanted these connections to be meaningful and relevant.

The result? The CleanTech Future Conference, a series that takes place twice a year.  

A different kind of conference


A look at the program for the upcoming San Francisco conference will clue you in to the stellar quality of the speakers. The organizers call it “the best lineup of corporate executives, innovators, and thought leaders ever assembled for a clean technology conference.”


But what’s really different about this conference is that there are no panels. Instead, in this “all-keynote” conference, each speaker will give a TED-style 15-minute presentation. Because they’ll be on stage by themselves, they need to give a lot of thought to what they’ll say. And the pressure is on, as the speakers have been challenged to go for standing ovations. That means a high level of audience engagement.


While each speaker will have the stage to themselves, we should not expect a series of disparate talks. The idea is to tie together all the industries and perspectives represented into a more holistic picture of cleantech. With that in mind, the first day has been structured to give an overview of cleantech and the second to delve into a specific area.


Trackwell is excited about the second day’s theme, tailored to the San Francisco location: cleanweb. Talks on that day will explore the intersection between the cloud and cleantech. It’s an area that provides great opportunities, where companies can make a direct impact now.


Why attend


According to Raab and Trackwell, the CleanTech Future Conference is for anyone interested in clean technology or involved in cleantech, sustainability, or clean energy. That includes investors and executives, as well as people from corporations, government agencies, law firms, and executive search firms.


Whatever your affiliation or perspective, they say, you can expect to leave the conference with a new way to look at the industry, and with fresh ideas for achieving a sustainable future.


Participants’ engagement will continue beyond just the two days. CleanTech Connections will provide updates after the conference, and the conversation continues at the next event, in April.


But that’s not the ultimate goal. The point of these conversations is to lead to action. The organizers hope that each attendee will take something new they learned at the conference back to their associates. In this way, the conferences can help lead to real change.


So if you’re wondering which cleantech conference to attend this year, this may be the one. It promises to be an engaging, high-energy event. And one thing is clear: the conference is driven by large doses of purpose and passion. If the organizers’ excitement is is any indication, this conference is not to be missed.


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