Collaboration and Teamwork: An Antidote to Solar Growth Pains?


As the solar industry grows and matures, more people in it are realizing that collaboration is key to further growth and a thriving industry. There’s no better example of this than #SolarChat, a virtual solar networking opportunity.

#SolarChat is about more than just networking. It’s a community that provides a shared mission, shared information, and shared resources — that you can access without even leaving your home or office. And if you do want to get out, you can meet many of the folks you got to know virtually at conferences like Solar Power International.

That opportunity is coming up soon, just in time for the anniversary of the 50th #SolarChat — which is also coming up.

50th #SolarChat

It’s teamwork that’s gotten the chat to this milestone, so what better way to celebrate the 50th #SolarChat than to focus on teamwork?


It’s all happening this Wednesday, October 1, at 11am PST, 2pm EST. The event is co-hosted by @SolarChatTeam and @SPIConvention. You can register here for #SolarChat.

“Solar Power International is excited to be a partner of the upcoming #SolarChat on Oct 1st,” said Danielle Danko, a representative of Solar Power International. “It’s always a lively Twitter discussion where participants meet new people. This will be the third #SolarChat that SPI (along with PVAmerica) has co-hosted and it’s shaping up to be a big one. This is a unique way for conference attendees to connect and begin networking prior to joining us in Las Vegas later in the month.”

This special pre-SPI #SolarChat will tackle the potential growth inhibitors of our aspiring industry with a solution-based inquiry: How can collaboration and teamwork grease the wheels of industry friction to keep us moving forward?

What are those friction points? Tariffs, utilities, policy, adversarial promotion against solar, consumer price perceptions. What would you add to the list? The question is, How do we work together in a collaborative spirit to overcome our collective obstacles? An expert panel with luminaries like Julia Hamm, President and CEO of SEPA, Craig Lawrence, Marketing VP at SolarBridge, Christopher Doyle of IBTS, and SolarWakeup’s Yann Brandt will guide us through the discussion, with help from journalist Frank Andorka of Solar Power world — and of course, moderator Raina Russo.

#SolarChat Unplugged

The October 22 #SolarChat event in Vegas is a chance to meet fellow chatters in person and unwind. There we will all have a chance to continue the discussion about all things solar. What happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas, as this is sure to spark further collaborations among solar enthusiasts!


The event takes place at 8pm PST on October 22, at the Beatles REVOLUTION Lounge — where we can celebrate the solar revolution we’re all helping happen! You can register for #SolarChat Unplugged here.

November 12 #SolarChat

If you haven’t gotten enough solar chatting, or if you can’t attend one or both of the October events, never fear! Another opportunity is right around the corner. On November 12, the #SolarChat topic will be “Politics, Policy and Advocacy” — and we all know how important those are.

This post-election solar brainstorm is happening at the usual #SolarChat time, 11am PST, 2pm EST. The guests confirmed so far should be enough to get you excited about this one:

  • Panelist: Rhone Resch, President and CEO of SEIA
  • Panelist: RL Miller, founder of Climate Hawks Vote and Chair of the California Democratic Party’s Environmental Caucus
  • Guest Journalist: Zachary Shahan of CleanTechnica

“Bookending the #1 solar conference of the year with the two most notable keynote speakers, Julia Hamm on Oct 1st and Rhone Resch on Nov 12th, is a testament to #SolarChat’s vitality and global visibility,” said Raina Russo. “Since 2011 #SolarChat has been the leading Twitter-based meeting everyone can attend to discuss the topics shaping the solar revolution.”

You can watch for more details on this one, including a registration link, on the #SolarChat site.