Conergy Moves to Miami


The current state of solar in Florida can generously be described as contentious. Nevertheless, Conergy has decided it is the best time to move its North American headquarters from Denver to Miami. The company is in the second phase of its corporate restructuring. The focus here is the move, the unveiling of its new website:, and the introduction the new company mission statement: “We Harness the Sun to Preserve the Planet and Power the World.”

So, the obvious question is why Miami? Although solar has begun taking off in other parts of the Southeast, the industry in Florida is fighting an uphill battle. Conergy CEO Andrew de Pass says,  “Conergy’s employees are passionate people from all walks of life and corners of the globe. Miami is a unique, embracing melting pot, making it a perfect home for us. Miami is also a convenient geographic hub to support both Conergy’s growing U.S. presence and our emerging markets in Latin America. Furthermore, we have the privilege of being neighbors with our majority shareholder, Kawa Capital Management.”

Conergy hopes this move will help to diversify the U.S. solar industry. The tremendous job growth solar has experienced since 2010 has been felt mainly in the Northeast and on the West Coast. Conergy’s move to Miami comes as solar makes inroads in the Southeast, which is currently home to less than 10 percent of the nations 180,000 solar jobs, according to the Solar Foundation.

The move will certainly be a boost for Miami’s economy. The company is moving 50 employees with them, and Conergy expects a significant increase in jobs within the next year. Andrew de Pass states, “We’re pleased that Conergy’s Miami move will also grow Florida’s solar workforce as we relocate many employees to the state and look to hire and train more.”

What can we expect to see as Conergy completes its restructuring? Phase one involved divesting from manufacturing and distribution, and focusing on downstream solar services. Phase three of the turnaround plan will implement a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, a Policy Program to support global Climate Change and local solar-related policies, and campaigns to bring affordable solar power to the global citizens that most need it. These programs will help the company achieve its mission to “preserve the planet and power the world.”