Denver’s Sunshare Solar Gardens to Power its City-Owned Buildings


Denver, the capitol of the state that pioneered community solar, is making solar history again. A new partnership with SunShare will make Denver the largest city in Colorado to go solar in its municipal buildings. The Mile High City will use 400 MW of power from two of SunShare’s solar gardens to power 16 city-owned buildings. The Denver Community Solar Gardens take advantage of the more than 300 sunny days the city experiences every year to provide power to those who can not obtain solar for themselves.

The project is expected to save the city $6 million dollars over the course of 20 years. The facilities will remain connected to Xcel Energy’s grid and receive community solar credits. In addition to the financial benefits, the plan also helps the city reach its 2020 sustainability goal of doubling renewable energy for municipal facilities.

“This partnership with SunShare not only demonstrates the efficacy and affordability of this technology,” said Jerry Tinianow, Denver’s Chief Sustainability Officer, “but it also moves us one step closer to achieving the ambitious energy and climate goals we have laid out for ourselves.”

SunShare, which is headquartered in Denver, has been involved with local community solar for a long time. J. W. Postal, Sr. Vice President of SunShare states, “SunShare is thrilled to power the great city we call home…. We are so proud to help Denver achieve its sustainability goals.”

Marc Bencivenni, Sr. Vice President of Business Development at SunShare, agreed, “Colorado demonstrated incredible leadership as the first state in the nation to pass Community Solar legislation…. Now Denver is extending that leadership as the largest city in the state to choose Community Solar to offset its energy needs.”