Do You Love Working in Solar? Verengo’s Employees Do!


Careerbuilder names Verengo one of the top companies to work for in Arizona. This is the second year in a row Verengo has earned the distinction and is another sign of how mainstream solar is becoming.

Verengo Inc. announced today that CareerBuilder has once again been named the rooftop solar installer as one of the “Top Companies to Work for in Arizona.” This marks the second consecutive year that Verengo has earned this recognition.

“To receive this honor in consecutive years validates our efforts to attract, develop and retain top talent,” said Verengo CEO and Co-Founder Randy Bishop. “Hiring great people and treating them well leads to the superior service that earns Verengo such high customer satisfaction ratings.”

With thousands of companies in Arizona eligible to compete for the designation, making the list was no easy feat. Companies faced a two-part evaluation consisting of employee engagement surveys, which account for 75% of the evaluation, and an employer questionnaire, which accounts for the remaining 25%.

The employee engagement surveys gathered detailed data in areas such as leadership and planning, pay and benefits, role satisfaction, and training and development. The employer questionnaire detailed company policies, practices, benefits, and demographics. Companies with the highest overall scores were recognized.

President and Co-Founder Ken Button stated, “Verengo takes special pride in its employees and continues to provide high quality on-the-job training. Our goal from day one has to been to provide leadership development as well as unlimited opportunities for career advancement.”

With solar-friendly policies and costs continually dropping, jobs in solar have been growing at a record pace throughout the nation. Verengo as well has been rapidly growing since being founded in 2008. This is excellent news for solar companies and is another sign that the industry is becoming more mainstream.