Enphase Hopes to Tackle Commercial Solar with New Inverter and O&M


A a new commercial solar system can be a complex puzzle. To help put all the pieces together, Enphase Energy has created an energy solution which combines its new commercial microinverter technology with a comprehensive set of services and partnerships that assist the owner and installer through each step of system implementation. Enphase has even created an operations and maintenance (O&M) division to keep these installations running like new.

“We are offering the infrastructure and ecosystem for an end-to-end commercial solution that includes maintenance and support, with clear economic benefits,” said Paul Nahi, CEO of Enphase Energy. “Enphase is already powering more than 1,500 commercial systems across a wide variety of market segments, from schools and corporate offices, to baseball stadiums. With this new commercial solution, Enphase addresses critical aspects of operations, finance, and technology for the commercial owner, developer, and installer.”

“The U.S. Commercial PV market is poised to grow by 21% annually to over 1.3 GW in 2014. In light of this enormous opportunity and the significantly reduced cost of solar, PV installers are seeking innovative solutions that will speed up the installation process and increase design flexibility while increasing the value and dependability of the solar energy delivered to the end customer,” according to MJ Shiao, Director of Solar Research, GTM Research.

Enphase offers both a technology and O&M services solution capable of taking a commercial-scale system from concept to long-term operations and maintenance. The commercial-grade system includes Enphase’s C250 Microinverter, its Enlighten monitoring system, the Envoy Communications Gateway, and its Enphase Energy Services team to assist with O&M.

In addition to Enphase’s own products and teams, it has partnered with Folsom Labs to incorporate its microinverter into the helioscope design software. A number of solar companies have already adopted the helioscope software, and by adding their microinverter Enphase looks to greatly simplify the system design process.

“Partnering with Enphase to incorporate their advanced microinverter and AC system design into HelioScope is a clear win for our users,” said Paul Gibbs, CEO of Folsom Labs. “Enphase shares our focus on enabling installers and integrators to quickly deploy high-quality PV arrays. This integration will enable our customers to efficiently and accurately understand their system designs, from bill-of-materials to energy yield.”

The final piece of the puzzle for Enphase is financing. By partnering with a growing number of financial service providers, Enphase is able to fast-track the financing of these commercial solar projects.

Enphase has been active in the commercial market for quite some time, but has yet to make much headway in it. With this new solution, and its associated cost savings, Enphase hopes to break into this market like it already has in the residential one.