EV Owners Going Solar Save Money While Donating to Sierra Club


By switching to electric vehicles, consumers can greatly decrease their carbon emissions, while also saving money due to increased efficiency. These benefits can be reduced, though, depending on how the consumer gets their electricity. Going solar can help owners make the most of these vehicles. Not only does the customer not pay for the electricity, but it is being generated in a clean way.

This is why the Sierra Club is joining Ford Motor Company and SunPower’s Drive Green for Life program to help more people move toward emissions-free driving.

In 2011, the Sierra Club launched its electric vehicle initiative, advocating ways to reduce oil use and greenhouse gas emissions. The Sierra Club also conducts public education to promote electric vehicles, including through the annual National Drive Electric Week and its interactive online EV Guide. Participation in the Drive Green for Life program will help accomplish the Sierra Club’s goal of rapid, wide-scale deployment of renewable energy technologies in lieu of fossil fuel-powered electricity.

Drive Green for Life offers Ford customers who own electrified plug-in vehicles a $750 rebate on a SunPower residential solar system to generate clean, solar energy for the home and for electric vehicle charging. As Drive Green for Life’s newest partner, the Sierra Club will receive a $500 donation from SunPower for each rooftop solar system installed through the program.

“As an electric vehicle owner with solar panels on my home, I can personally attest to the incredible freedom and financial savings that come from being able to power our family’s car while lessening our carbon footprint,” said Jesse Simons, Sierra Club Chief of Staff. “At the Sierra Club, we want to bring clean energy prosperity to all Americans, and our new collaboration with Ford and SunPower on Drive Green for Life will help many more individuals benefit from a switch to clean, healthy solutions.”

Donations from Drive Green for Life will help support the Sierra Club’s programs, such as its advocacy for clean energy solutions, to get more drivers into plug-in electric vehicles.

SunPower and Ford launched the Drive Green for Life program in 2011, and it is currently open to homeowners in all 50 states. Ford plug-in electric vehicles are eligible for the program when purchased at any certified dealership across the country.

“SunPower is pleased to welcome the Sierra Club, with its rich history of environmental advocacy and conservation successes, to the Drive Green for Life program,” said Erin Nelson, SunPower executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “Drive Green for Life continues to help Ford electric vehicle customers generate reliable solar energy from their rooftop with SunPower systems, for use at home and on the road.”

“Our plug-in customers have taken a big step towards sustainability by driving on electricity and now we are offering them the ability to go further by powering their homes and vehicles with clean, renewable energy,” said Mike Tinskey, global director, Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure for Ford. “We are thrilled to be working with SunPower and the Sierra Club on this forward-thinking program.”