Everybody Solar Goes Wild: Installation Complete at Wildlife Associates


Last fall, Everybody Solar began crowdfunding for a solar array at Wildlife Associates. Over the ensuing months, donations came rolling in. These included equipment donations of Enphase M250 inverters plus monitoring, JinkoSolar 305W modules and Mounting Systems Alpha racking, as well as a $30,000 grant from the All Points North Foundation. By March, the fundraising goal of $78,500 had been met.

Today, Everybody Solar announces that the 27 kW project is complete.

In addition to donating their equipment, employees from EnphaseJinko Solar, and Mounting Systems also donated their time. Sunwork Renewable Energy Projects provided the training and supervision for the project.

Youness Scally, Executive Director of Everybody Solar, describes the project: “It was truly a team effort to crowdsource the components, design, engineering, and installation of this solar project for Wildlife Associates.”

Now, the system is up and running and will produce over 40,000 kilowatt-hours of clean energy annually. Scally explains what that means for Wildlife Associates. “Before this project, the organization would pay $9,000 a year to power its wildlife sanctuary, which houses 50 animals. With the new solar array, that amount will shrink to approximately $1,000 a year for the next 25 years. This significant savings will benefit the community and help fund future programs to make a bigger impact.”

With the money they save from the solar array, Wildlife Associates will be able to provide wildlife education to an additional 5,000 children.

Bruce Holaday, Director of Wildlife Associates, adds, “All of us at Wildlife Associates are simply thrilled to have this magnificent solar array not only for the substantial financial savings, but also for the important educational opportunity it presents. The nearly 80,000 Bay Area students who experience our science education programs in schools each year will now learn not only about wildlife and environmental stewardship but also about clean energy and the importance of solar power.”