First Power & Light Going West with Solar Panel Distribution


First Power and Light, now VOLT, opens a solar panel distribution center in Phoenix to service the booming West Coast market. VOLT is positioning itself to best take advantage of the areas with the biggest solar demand in the nation.


Shortly after announcing its expansion into wholesale solar panel distribution, First Power and Light, Inc. (now VOLT) announced today that it’s opening a sales and distribution hub in Phoenix, Arizona.


The company is positioning itself to supply wholesale solar panels to the booming West Coast solar market. California, New Mexico, and Arizona represent over 75% of U.S. solar demand, in a valuable market that is valued at over $10 billion.


With the U.S. solar market expected to grow over 20% in 2014, VOLT wants to ensure it can satisfy the demand for wholesale solar panels. VOLT’s Phoenix hub will have sufficient office and warehouse facilities to support the marketing, shipment, and distribution of monthly multi-megawatt solar panel orders.


To manage the expected panel volume, the Phoenix hub will be home to a team of sales and shipping personnel. Through its wholesale discount panel pricing and streamlined shipping and logistics platform, VOLT intends for its Phoenix operations to become one of the leading solar panel distribution hubs on the West Coast.


The opening of this Phoenix hub is a key step in VOLT’s national expansion plan, which includes opening future hubs in Los Angeles and Houston. As part of its expansion efforts, VOLT is actively seeking out strategic opportunities to acquire competing wholesale solar panel distributors. The company said it believes that its wholesale panel distribution operation and national expansion strategy will result in record revenues and a breakout year in 2014.