Fortune Energy Expands to Northeast


Fortune Energy, a solar distribution company, is expanding into Boston. It is building its newest addition in the Massachusetts capital. The branch is slated to open for business in August.

Fortune Energy’s model combines a sales office with an attached warehouse. The site in Boston is the company’s fourth. They currently have one office in Hawaii, and two in California — in Sacramento and Los Angeles.

“We are excited to provide solar panels and supplies to the East Coast solar contractor community in Boston. Boston has specific needs when it comes to solar panels and we aim to provide the best price and service for locals,” stated Jack Meng, president of Fortune Energy. “Our goal is to make solar power available to everyone and share information on how they can put solar power to work in their households affordably. Solar energy is a renewable energy source, and as long as the sun keeps shining solar energy will be available to all of us.”

The move to Boston places the company into the growing Northeast solar market. Massachusetts, in spite of the net metering struggles the state is currently facing, is ranked number 6 in the U.S. for installed solar. It is the latest step in the company’s planned growth throughout the country.

Photo Credit: Igh75/Boston blue sky line