Freedom Solar Pursues Nonprofit Market with New Director of Sales


Freedom Solar hires Kyle Frazier, former SunEdison U.S. Director of Sales, to grow their business with nonprofits. Coupled with their exclusive financing mechanism, this will make it easier for local nonprofits to install solar systems.

With its open spaces and clear skies, Texas has recently become a magnet for large-scale solar installations. Austin-based Freedom Solar Power is now looking to make Texas a leader in solar installations for nonprofits as well. They have hired former SunEdison U.S. Director of Sales Kyle Frazier, in an effort to promote solar energy growth in the local nonprofit sector. After working together as partners for several years, Freedom Solar made the decision to bring Mr. Frazier in from SunEdison on the premise of small business growth and nonprofit support.

Along with their recent hire, Freedom Solar has developed a financing mechanism for nonprofits in an effort to make it easier for non-taxable entities to install solar. This leasing program has proven effective for nonprofits, such as the new Austin Children’s Museum, “The Thinkery.

“The nonprofit lease is a unique opportunity that allows nonprofit companies to ‘go solar’ for no money down and be cash-flow positive from day one,” said Bret Biggart, Managing Director at Freedom Solar. With a solar lease, nonprofits like The Thinkery have experienced immediate savings even without the advantage of federal tax credits.

Tax incentives are great for taxable entities, but where does that leave nonprofits? There is a need for creative financing solutions to help them implement solar and reduce their operating costs,” said Kyle Frazier, new sales director at Freedom Solar. Programs have been put into place to make it easier for nonprofits to go solar, but Freedom Solar has turned this into a business model that should allow both them and nonprofits to benefit.