Gang Rehab Helps Kern County with Solar Energy Rehab


8minutenergy Renewables teams up with ex-gang members to help provide experience in solar project installation — showing that long-term, smart project development also includes community development. 

8minutenergy Renewables LLC and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 428 (IBEW) are coordinating with Homeboy Industries to help formerly high-risk, ex-gang members develop their careers in the solar industry.  

As recently reported, Homeboy Industries helps high-risk men and women in the ‘hood turn their lives around with vocational education, including a solar installation program.  

Now, thanks to 8minutenergy Renewables and IBEW, the graduates from the Homeboy Industries solar program will have the opportunity to partake in further practical training on some of 8minutenergy’s solar farms in Kern County, California. In particular, trainees will work on the 90 MW Redwood Solar Farm project and the 150 MW Springbok Solar Farm.

Kern County is most well known for its agriculture, petroleum extraction, and military bases; yet it has one of the best solar resources available in the country. We hope that Homeboy Industries trainees will successfully add solar energy to Kern County’s resume.

 This solidifies PV Solar Report’s wisdom, as we prophesized:

“Homeboy Industries’ installers will be well-positioned to find work across the country. On the west coast, California and Arizona showed the highest quantity of solar jobs in 2013

Okay, it was a broad statement, but we will take what credit we can.