Generaytor Sparks New Interest in the Online Solar Community


Social networks of all sorts have been popping up continuously since Facebook first exploded onto the public scene in 2006. Since that time, many specialized social networks have come into existence, generally tying their users together around a similar interest or cause.

This is the case with Generaytor, which launched its social community based on home solar. For homeowners who have gone solar, Generaytor provides a space where things such as system performance and maintenance can be compared and advice can be given. Additionally, Generaytor uses its powerful virtual solar simulator, which estimates the benefits of going solar based on its other users’ actual solar installations, to bring new people into the community and encourage them to go solar.

Now, Generaytor has partnered with Solar Data Systems to connect the Solar-Log and GE Meter to the Generaytor system. This power monitoring system and meter bring additional information into the community, allowing more accurate system reporting.

Solar-Log customers are now able to connect to the Generaytor community, share their solar experiences, discover other supportive local solar homeowners, showcase their real-time solar performance, and gain insights beyond their own energy production.

This additional performance information will be used in Generaytor’s virtual solar simulation. A street address and some basic details about the home are all that are needed for an accurate prediction of the financial benefits of going solar. Continuously updated performance data from nearby Solar-Log monitored systems help to calculate the estimates.

“At Solar-Log we recognize that hardware and software are just the beginning, and that community is a noteworthy addition of the full solar experience,” said Anton Kaeslin, President of Solar Data Systems. “Solar-Log’s sophisticated online monitoring, that shows PV plant performance graphically and numerically, is an excellent tool for the Generaytor community to share among the ever growing number of solar plant owners.”

“Generaytor is thrilled to add Solar-Log users to our growing network of visionary members of the solar energy ecosystem,” said Paolo Tedone, Co-founder and VP of Business Development at Generaytor. “Solar-Log’s technology is exactly what consumers need to cooperate and compete on Generaytor, to produce more energy and lead the way for others to go solar.”

Generaytor is still in a growing stage. It’s robust enough already for a user to get some good advice about solar from the community — but some of that advice may not apply to one’s own area. That will change with time. CEO and Co-Founder Amit Rosner says users come from over 20 countries, with a strong user base in the U.K. Usage in the U.S. is growing fast, he says, through partnerships like the Solar-Log one, as well as others that are in the works. Those will be announced in coming months.