Georgia EMC to Increase Solar Supply


Hot on the heels of Innovative Solar Systems’ 500 MW plan in Georgia, Silicon Ranch Corporation announces plans for a 20 MW Georgia project. The project will produce enough electricity to power about 3000 households.


Earlier this week we reported on Innovative Solar Systems‘ plan to build 500 MW worth of new solar installations in Georgia next year. Now Silicon Ranch Coorporation has announced its plan to become a part of Georgia’s explosion into the solar arena with the construction of a 20 MW project in Hazelhurst. Interestingly, this project will not be providing energy to Georgia Power, but to Green Power EMC, an alternative energy provider to several Georgia electric membership corporations (EMCs).

Jeff Pratt, president of Green Power EMC, said that this project will increase their renewable energy capacity from 32 MW to 52 MW, almost double what is available today. Pratt said “This is a major solar power addition, not only to our portfolio but also to the state of Georgia.”

He states that the project will produce enough electricity to power about 3000 EMC households.

Matt Kisber, President of Silicon Ranch Corporation, added, “We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Green Power EMC and their members in deploying their first, large-scale solar array. I commend the leadership and membership of Green Power EMC for creating this initiative to provide competitively priced, renewable power solar generation to their Georgia membership.”

While it is encouraging to see how Georgia is continuing its rise in the top 10 solar states list, residential solar projects continue to meet resistance in the Georgia legislature. Hopefully, the utility companies will begin to recognize the important role that residential solar plays in the future of energy generation.