3 Ways You Can Participate in the Solar Revolution on this Giving Tuesday


Originally published on the Sunible blog as “3 Ways You Can Participate in the Solar Revolution”

On this Giving Tuesday, what better way to participate in the solar revolution than to give to a solar nonprofit? Our team at Sunible has plenty of suggestions for solar giving, plus other ways everyone can be part of the big change that’s happening in how we generate our energy.


“What?” you say — “I didn’t know a solar revolution was happening!” Well, 10 years ago would you have imagined getting rid of your land line? Or connecting with friends and businesses over Facebook and Twitter? Much like the way we communicate has changed, the way we get our energy is due for a big change too.

Here are just a few ways you can be part of that — whether or not you own your home. Pick one, sample two, or try all three!

1. Put solar on your home

If you own your home, the best way to join the solar revolution is to put solar on your roof. More people than ever are going solar. And most solar installations are happening in middle-class neighborhoods.

Why are some calling this the Rooftop Revolution? Solar is spreading fast for a few reasons:

Wondering if solar is right for you? Now, it’s quick, easy, and simple to find out. Just visit Sunible.com and sign up for free, no-obligation quotes from the installers of your choice. We’ll help you through the whole process so you can choose what’s right for your family.

2. Invest in a solar project and get a good return

If you rent your home, have too much shade for panels, or can’t go solar for any other reason — or if you can, but don’t want to stop there — investing in a solar project might be just the thing for you.

This is not the same as investing in a company’s stock. When you invest in a business, you can’t know how successful it will be. And the stock market is mysterious and volatile.

Investing in a solar project is safer:

  • You’re buying into a tangible, proven technology, which uses the rays that we know will keep shining on it.

  • A solar project is highly likely to produce revenue right away, and to keep producing it.

  • Returns are pretty good, around 4.5 – 7%.

Till recently, most people couldn’t invest in this kind of project. But now, a company called Mosaic lets any California or New York resident invest in clean-energy projects and get a good return on investment, with as little as $25.

Our friends at Mosaic are providing a special offer. If you sign up to invest with this link, they’ll celebrate your first investment by giving you a $25 bonus.

A similar company, SunFunder, funds high-impact solar projects in off-grid communities around the world. You can invest money in SunFunder projects and get repaid. At the moment, unless you’re an accredited investor you cannout cash out your interest return, but you can reinvest it in other projects. 

3. Donate or volunteer for solar

If the first two options just aren’t enough solar for you, there are even more ways to get involved in the solar revolution.

There’s no shortage of nonprofits bringing solar to low-income families or community centers. You can donate to organizations like these or volunteer your time — which is a fun way to help while learning more about solar power:

  • GRID Alternatives: Provides solar systems to low-income homeowners and on-the-job solar training.

  • RE-volv: Uses a revolving fund that keeps growing to put solar on community centers.

  • Everybody Solar: Helps nonprofits go solar so they can spend more of their funds serving their communities.

  • Power to the People: Brings solar to rural community centers in the developing world. 

  • SunWork: Installs solar on small-energy-footprint homes with the help of trained volunteers.

The great thing about donating to solar nonprofits is that this option is available to everyone — wherever you live, and whatever you can afford.