GRID Alternatives and NeighborWorks America Partner to Bring Solar to Low-Income Communities


Earlier this week, GRID Alternatives and NeighborWorks America announced a partnership to provide solar to low-income families. Nine communities across the United States will receive funding and training under the program. A total of 118 families will receive the solar benefits of these projects. Sixty eight single family homes and 6 multi-family buildings housing fifty families will be going solar.

GRID Alternatives will provide the installation, technical assistance, and job training on the project.  NeighborWorks will provide $170,000 in grants to the nine non-profit projects, and leverage a matching $170,000. GRID Alternatives will provide additional funds.

Any project completed by GRID Alternatives includes a strong training component. In these grants, local residents from local workforce development programs, community colleges, and GRID Alternatives Solar Corps, will learn how to install the systems.

Tim Sears, GRID Alternatives COO and co-founder said, “National partnerships like this show the transformative effect solar power has in our underserved communities…. Every solar system we install will save low-income families thousands of dollars in utility bills, prevent harmful air pollution, and open the door to a stable and well paying career.”

The current partnership is built on a strong 5 year relationship between GRID Alternatives and local NeighborWorks organizations in several California and New Jersey communities. Together, these projects have provided 750 families with solar. Partnering on a national scale will allow the benefits of these collaborations to be more widely available.

“NeighborWorks America is increasing its support of low-income communities by giving them access to greener, more efficient power,” said Paul Weech, NeighborWorks America Chief Executive Officer. “We are helping to lower the utility costs for individuals and families around the country, and we are
pleased to join in the partnership with GRID Alternatives. Together we are increasing the access o low income families to solar power.

The solar installation grant recipients are:

  • Eatontown, NJ: Affordable Housing Alliance
  • Centereach, NY: Community Development Corporation of Long Island
  • Westminster, CO: Community Resources and Housing Development Corp.
  • New York, NY: Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City
  • Ontario, CA: Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services
  • Rochester, NY: NeighborWorks Rochester
  • Kingston, NY: RUPCO
  • Visalia, CA: Self-Help Enterprises
  • Camden, NJ: St. Joseph’s Carpenter Society



Photo credits: Title photo Eric Fischer/4 color map of the contiguous United States; infographic: NeighborWorks America