Helping Business, the Environment, and Veterans — All in One Package


New Jersey landscaping firm Peluso Landscaping Inc. helps the nonprofit Veterans of Foreign Wars go solar through their second sponsorship participation in the Adopt-A-Solar-Panel Marketing Program, saving them $141,000 in energy bills and creating jobs in solar for veterans.

Peluso Landscaping Inc., a landscape installation firm based in Warren, New Jersey, has announced its second sponsorship participation in the Adopt-A-Solar-Panel marketing program. Adopt-A-Solar-Panel relies on the sponsorship of private and public companies, such as Peluso, to provide veteran nonprofits solar panel installations for free.

Peluso’s sponsorship will allow Adopt-A-Solar-Panel to provide solar panels to the nonprofit organization Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post #6061, including the necessary equipment and installation. The VFW has garnered a number of community achievements to support returning veterans (including providing college scholarships and various programs), and these solar panels will be saving them at least $141,000 in energy bills over the course of the equipment’s 25-year warrantied lifetime. The money saved will go toward funding the organization’s mission and be reinvested back to veterans.

Furthermore, the installations will create jobs for both civilians and veterans, using the income generated through Solar Renewable Energy Credits.

This is hardly the first time we’ve seen how the solar industry can help veterans during a time when employment opportunities are scarce. The Solar Connection is one example of a solar manufacturer that provides jobs in solar for veterans, and more recently OneRoof designated a company that employs veterans as their preferred solar installer. The other benefit of these organizations going solar is how much money can be saved and redirected back to the cause, including Veterans Health Care Systems and a transitional housing program for homeless veterans.

It is no wonder that solar has become such a trend among these organizations, and that companies like Peluso Landscaping would want to invest in the cause. Angel Peluso, owner of Peluso Landscaping, said, “I have now found a way to promote my business, green our environment and help our veterans all in one package; amazing!”