Indiana Shows it Can Go Solar, Too, with New Projects for Indiana Municipal Power Agency


The Indiana Municipal Power Agency goes solar with a 1MW solar project near Richmond, Indiana. The project, one of the first three solar plants IMPA is currently building, is expected to generate 1615MWh of renewable energy for IMPA’s members annually. The project is scheduled to be commissioned in January 2014.

Indiana may not be one of the top solar states, but solar is making inroads there. One of the latest is a 1MW solar project near Richmond, Indiana, for the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA). The project is expected to generate 1615MWh of renewable energy annually for IMPA’s members.

According to Solar Power World, the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) is a nonprofit wholesale power provider, powering 59 cities and towns across Indiana (and one Ohio community) who own and operate the municipal electric distribution systems in their communities. IMPA member communities deliver electric service to approximately 330,000 individuals throughout the state. The project is scheduled to be commissioned in January 2014.

IMPA and Indiana-based integrator Inovateus Solar collaborated on the best solution for the project, and chose to use a Danfoss QLX central inverter. According to Danfoss, the inverter was an ideal fit for the outdoor environment in Indiana. The QLX is equipped with ShowerPower power stack technology and Danfoss VLT variable speed drives to improve performance in outdoor environments and reduce maintenance.

”We appreciate the opportunity to work with Danfoss, Inovateus Solar, and Richmond Power and Light on this solar installation, which will benefit IMPA and our member community of Richmond as well as assist us in expanding our generation portfolio,” commented Raj Rao, President and CEO of IMPA. “We hope to construct an IMPA solar park that not only adds a valuable source of renewable energy to our portfolio, but is educational to the community as well.”

“We are excited to be chosen as a partner with Inovateus, the engineering consultant for this IMPA 1 MW installation,” said Mark Haug, Director, Strategic Sales and Marketing for Danfoss Solar Inverters in the US. “Danfoss looks forward to a long-term partnership, which will be mutually beneficial and allow us the opportunity to win future business with these two proactive companies.”

IMPA is currently building its first three solar plants in Indiana. According to Mike Malguarnera, a generation engineer with IMPA, the power provider has plans to build more plants but will evaluate them after the first three are built.

In October, the 12.5MW IND Solar Farm at the Indianapolis International Airport, the largest airport-based solar farm in the United States, was commissioned.