Introducing the Mega-Monster Solar Tracker


The Solar Tracker Company is introducing the largest tracker sold called the Mega-Monster Solar Tracker, the first in the Goliath class trackers.  It has been designed in the US and implemented in China.  Now, it is being sold in its home market, the US.  One tracker will be able to power 100 houses or 600kw.

One Sun Vermont, LLC Founder and CEO, Brian Reagan, says, “As an EPC and developer of solar projects, this tracker is perfect for Vermont projects because each Mega-Monster tracker exactly meets Vermont’s virtual net metering 500KWac maximum capacity.  Further, its ability to shake-off snow accumulation eliminates Vermont winters’ ultimate shading events.  Finally, it is economical and well built. We have selected the Mega-Monster Solar Tracker for all of our projects.”  The Mega-Monster is larger than the trackers provider by Array Technologies, Sunpower, GESTAMP and others in the US.  Larger is good, but the system has special characteristics to adjust easily for changes in terrain slope.  This is a major issue with larger trackers and easily addressed by the Mega-Monster.


“It is the mission of our company to bring best in class solar products from the US to sell around the world.  The Mega-Monster Solar Tracker is the best design in the world, using only one motor to move 2,400, 250w solar panels.”  said Christopher Connors, President of The Solar Tracker Company.  “Also, our control systems are state of the art, allowing for plug and play capabilities and, as with the entire tracker, designed for rapid deployment.”

ABOUT The Solar Tracker Company

The Solar Tracker Company is focused on bringing best of breed solutions from the United States to the global market.  This includes solar trackers, carport solutions and larger elevated trackers for entire parking lots.  See for more information.