Juicebox Energy Storage Continues to Grow


Juicebox Energy announced its entrance into the residential energy storage market 3 months ago. A month later the company completed its first installation. Moving right along, the company announced the graduation of its 50th installer earlier this week.

All over the country, installers are getting certified and joining the Juicebox Alliance Partner Program. To receive certification, installers attend a one day class which combines classwork and labs and culminates in an installation. The classes are held monthly.

“We are excited to graduate our 50th solar installer,” said Neil Maguire, JuiceBox Energy CEO. “This distributed energy storage system unlocks the potential of solar energy by storing and using the energy when we need it.  We are confident in the relationships and delivery capability now in place across the country to support the roll-out of JuiceBox systems.”

The JuiceBox system is a plug and play battery storage and energy management system. The 8.5 kWh lithium-ion energy storage system, designed for use in residential renewable energy installations, is a part of the growing solar + storage movement that has emerged in recent months.