Landmark Dividend Will Provide Capital to Landords of Renewable Energy Projects


Landmark Dividend launches Renewable Energy Division. The company is also making its first acquisition in the wind and solar industries.


Landmark Dividend, a company that acquires real property rights under infrastructure assets, announced today that it’s forming a Renewable Energy Division.

Landmark Dividend launched the new division to focus exclusively on providing capital to landlords of clean energy projects.


“We have dedicated a significant amount of capital to the renewable space. We are thrilled to launch this effort and look forward to assisting our clients in the alternative energy industries,” said Tim Brazy, President of Landmark Dividend.    


Alex Stone of Landmark Dividend said, “Our team is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their financial goals. We have hired leaders from the renewable energy ground lease industry and are committed to devoting the resources and capital necessary to ensure landlords of all sizes and scopes have access to funding for their renewable energy assets.”