Largest PSE&G Solar Project Repurposes Landfill


Landfills and solar fit together like hand and glove. The newest landfill to go solar is the L&D Landfill in Burlington County, New Jersey.

Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) is building its largest solar project to date on the former brownfield site. When complete, the 12.93 MW community solar farm will provide power to around 2,000 homes.

According to PSE&G’s blog, plans are in the works for an additional 8 MW of landfill solar. By the end of next year, PSE&G expects to have 125 MW of community solar available, including 50 MW on reclaimed landfills and brownfield sites.

The landfill and brownfield projects are part of a larger initiative, the Solar 4 All program. This program uses underutilized space for grid connected solar sites. As of the beginning of this year, 100 MW of solar have been connected through the program. The program caps out at 125 MW. To date, PSE&G has converted more than 150 acres of landfill or brownfield space, generating about 45 MW of solar.

In addition to landfills and brownfields, the program builds solar at rooftops and utility poles, as well as existing solar farms.

The program has created over 2,000 jobs since it began in 2009.