City of Lodi, CA, to Offer $450,000 in Solar Rebates in 2014


Lodi Electric Utility to offer $450,000 in rebates to Lodi, California customers who install solar systems that meet city standards. Customers can apply for rebates this January.

The utility in the city of Lodi, California, Lodi Electric Utility (LEU), will offer $450,000 in rebates to customers who install solar systems in 2014, according to an article on Lodi News-Sentinel’s website. Utility officials announced that of the $450,000 available, $210,000 will be available for residential solar installations and $240,000 will be available for commercial and industrial projects.

For both residential and non-residential customers, the rebates are set at $1.80 per watt, with a maximum set at 50% of a solar system’s cost. Rebates per applicant for residential customers and non-residential customers are capped at $7,000 and $40,000, respectively.

The utility’s customers can apply for rebates from January 1 until January 31. The $210,000 for residential customers will be available for 31 applicants, and the rebates will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If more than 31 residential customers apply for a rebate, the customers to receive rebates will be selected through a lottery.

In order to qualify for rebates, solar installations have to meet state standards, as well as the city’s and Lodi Electric’s standards. That includes appropriate panel orientation, tilt of panels, and system warranties. In addition, the utility’s customers must perform a LEU energy audit and obtain building permits.

The city of Lodi launched the solar rebate program in 2007, as required by California SB1, which mandates all electric service providers to offer solar incentives such as rebates. The city’s requirement is to provide $6.1 million in incentives, and city officials said Lodi is on track to achieve that milestone before 2017, when SB1 is set to expire. So far, the city has paid over $3 million in rebates to 180 solar customers, of which 150 are residential customers.