GoldCrust Baking in Maryland to Save Money with American-made Solar Panels


Delaware’s Motech Americas LLC announces that 1,430 of its U.S.-manufactured 300-watt solar panels are being installed at a Landover, Maryland baking facility. The system will help eliminate 869,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually while reducing electricity costs for the bakery by about $250,000.


Joining the roster of businesses, churches, schools, and others saving money these days by going solar, a Landover, Maryland baking facility is expecting to reduce its electricity costs by $250,000 with a new solar system. GoldCrust Baking Company already purchases wind-generated electricity from a third-party supplier, and now they’re making use of a large, flat roof by adding solar PV.

GoldCrust is going solar with a power purchase agreement (PPA). According to Chris D. Fraga, Founder & CEO of SolarSense LLC, which holds the PPA on the project, “Due to their very rapid growth, GoldCrust did not want to spend their time, capital, or resources developing their own solar PV system. With this in mind, SolarSense was brought in to develop, finance, construct, own, and operate the solar PV system on the power purchase agreement basis.”

The 1430 300-watt panels being used for the project are manufactured in the U.S. by Delaware’s Motech Americas LLC, a subsidiary of Motech Industries, Inc. The system will help eliminate 869,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually in addition to saving money for GoldCrust. Construction on the system began in Q4 2013, and it will be fully operational in 2014.

“This is a valuable and responsible undertaking,” said Dave Holleran, Senior Manager of Module Sales for Motech Americas, “because of the significantly reduced environmental footprint that will result. Specifically, the project will have very tangible environmental benefits, including the equivalent of 909,407 car miles not driven and 10,126 trees grown for 10 years.”