Massachusetts Boy Scouts Are Prepared for Solar Savings


A new 6 MW solar project for the Boy Scouts of America brings savings and an educational opportunity to Massachusetts. The project, made possible by Boy Scouts volunteers, was developed, designed, and constructed by Nexamp.

Solar power is for everyone these days — and that includes the Boy Scouts. Why wouldn’t they embrace something that not only aligns with their values but also saves money? From Texas to Massachusetts, solar is catching on with troops around the country.

Today, Massachusetts solar provider Nexamp and Mohegan Council, Boy Scouts of America announced the start of operations of a solar facility at the Treasure Valley Scout Reservation in Rutland, Massachusetts. At 6 MW, the solar array is among the largest in New England.

The project will serve a number of purposes. It will provide a steady source of income for the Boy Scouts as well as substantial savings for local municipalities. And the facility will also help the scouts achieve educational goals.

Boy scouts solar

Mohegan Council project under construction

The Mohegan Council Boy Scouts will use the income generated from the project to maintain and improve facilities, campsites, and equipment for their ever-expanding educational programs. Mohegan Council will also use the solar facility as a teaching tool in alternative energy modules for 5th grade science, technical high schools, and Boy Scouts of America’s STEM NOVA program.

The project will produce enough electricity annually to power nearly 1,000 homes and generate long-term savings through net metering credits. That will directly benefit local municipalities and school districts, which expect to save over $250,000 in annual electricity costs.

“This project was made possible with the help of our adult volunteers who saw the opportunity to bring solar energy to the scouts. They found Nexamp and shepherded this initiative from great idea through to operational facility,” said Scout Executive Jeff Hotchkiss. “Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated volunteers and Nexamp, we are able to enhance our educational programs for our scouts and the community, and the steady source of revenue will allow us to grow and do more scouting.”

Nexamp developed, designed, and constructed the 19,063-panel ground-mounted array. “As a Massachusetts company, Nexamp is extremely proud of this landmark project and grateful for the opportunity to work closely with these municipalities and other forward-thinking partners like the Boy Scouts,” said Zaid Ashai, Chairman and CEO of Nexamp. He added, “The project exemplifies the successful public-private partnerships that can be achieved through smart policy like we see from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and Governor Patrick’s administration.”