Meridian Solar installs 254 kW at Austin Habitat for Humanity


by Steven Bushong. Originally published at

On Saturday, November 21, when Austin Habitat for Humanity celebrates the grand opening of their new ReStore and Community Home Center, it will be quietly powered by solar energy. Austin Habitat for Humanity (AHFH) partnered with local solar developer, Meridian Solar, to install a 254 kW system on the roof of the newly renovated facilities.

Meridian Solar, one of the oldest solar developers in the state of Texas, was responsible for designing, engineering, installing, and commissioning the turn-key, roof-mounted system. The 1,081 solar modules will reduce energy costs and are expected to generate enough energy to offset the carbon emissions associated with 270 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

Solar energy is complementary to the efforts that will take place within the new ReStore. As a recycling initiative, the ReStore has diverted 17 million pounds of reusable materials from landfills by selling donated building materials, furniture, appliances, and fixtures to the community at a discount.  All revenue from the ReStore is then cycled back into funding the building of homes, communities, and hope for low-income Austin families.

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