Mosaic Launches New Platform with Big Dreams of Taking the Nation Solar


Would you like to help put solar on more places? Would you like to do that using a platform like Kickstarter — but one that asks nothing more of you than a click to show support?

Mosaic, known for crowdsourcing investments to finance solar projects, has just the thing for you.

Today, the company launched Mosaic Places. Mosaic says it’s a technology platform to speed up solar adoption across the U.S., one place at a time. But it’s much more than just that. Mosaic has found a truly effective — even brilliant — way to engage people and communities to help spread solar. And that’s sure to draw a lot more people to their own site in the process.

How Mosaic Places works

Mosaic Places empowers all of us to help accelerate solar by nominating community centers, schools, libraries, places of worship, and local businesses to go solar. As with Mosaic’s crowdfunding platform, the bar for participation is low. All that’s needed is to go to, find a Place on the site, and click Support.

To get more involved, people can share their chosen Place with their friends to get more supporters. Or anyone can suggest new Places for the site, which is already seeded with nearly 300,000 Places across the U.S.

With these simple acts, Mosaic believes that serious money can be raised to put solar on a Place. Mosaic will match clicks with dollars. For every 50 people that click Support on a Place’s page, Mosaic will donate $100 to put solar on it. The Place will also get a free quote from a trusted Mosaic installer.

In addition, homeowners who go solar by clicking the Put Solar on Your Home link from a Mosaic Place’s page will be eligible to receive a $500 gift. They can keep the gift or donate it to help put solar on that Place (restrictions on these programs can be found at the site).

Schools, places of worship, and other community groups can also use the site to fundraise for solar, by encouraging their members to get solar installed on their homes and donate their rebate. And that will also spread more solar onto more roofs.

It would take a lot of clicks on a Place to raise enough for it to go solar. But the idea is for the funds raised to bridge the gap for community buildings whose solar installations may need a few thousand dollars to be financeable by conventional means. Mosaic Places is based on the belief that every place can go solar if the community supports it happening.

The power of Mosaic Places

Those are the mechanics of the site. But the details don’t convey its power. Trust me — you need to visit this site.

I went to my home state, Illinois, and checked out my hometown, Urbana. My high school was listed. There are plenty of other Places to pick from in Urbana. But before getting sidetracked by those, I got excited about telling my high school friends and classmates about the campaign. How cool would it be if we could get solar on our school?

No problem, I was able to click the Share button to spread the word on Facebook. Now let’s see, what about my grade school, where I first learned about the importance of protecting our environment? …

You can see where this is going. If I had a house, I’d be getting that solar quote for my own roof, too. All with just a few clicks.

Will the new platform revolutionize the way the nation goes solar? That remains to be seen, but one thing is clear. Mosaic Places is a brilliant way to get individuals and communities involved in spreading solar — and engaged with Mosaic’s site.

What’s behind Mosaic Places

According to Mosaic President Billy Parish, the idea for Mosaic Places has been in the works for a while. “We have been dreaming about this product for years,” he said. “It’s based on our belief that every building can go solar if the community is behind it. Mosaic has built a product that enables everyone to participate in transitioning the country to 100% clean energy.”

Mosaic Places got going when Mosaic and actor Mark Ruffalo asked for New Year’s pledges to #PutSolarOnIt in 2014. Thousands of pledges came in. The new platform aims to help people achieve those solar commitments.

The product launch comes days before the first national #PutSolarOnIt Day of Action on June 21. In keeping with the community spirit, Mosaic Places is co-launching with over a dozen large nonprofit partners:

  • The Alliance for Climate Education is using Mosaic Places to empower thousands of high school students across the nation to influence parents to go solar.

  • Interfaith Power & Light will be using Mosaic Places to build campaigns around places of worship going solar.

  • The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy will use Mosaic Places to take institutions solar across the Southeast United States.

  • REVERB will be using Mosaic Places to help musicians and their fans take their favorite places solar.

  • Among others,, The Climate Reality Project, Green For All, National Wildlife Federation, Reverb, The Sierra Club, The Solutions Project, and World Wildlife Fund will be joining the launch to share Mosaic Places with their communities.